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Flex 1000 Mattress Full view

Flex 1000 Mattress

The Flex 1000 mattress is made from a thick layer of high density reflex foam to act as the support mechanism in this mattress.

Unlike memory foam, reflex foam does not mould to your body as much and bounces back fairly quickly.

Due to these special properties, it is a fairly firm material which will provide support and will ensure your weight is distributed properly.


Made from high density reflex foam, no springs make for a silent mattress. It is 14cm thick and has a dry cleanable zip off cover. Main features are Orthopaedic, Anti dust mite, and hypoallergenic. These come rolled and vacuum packed.

  • 2FT6: Length 1900mm, Width 750mm, Depth 140mm.

  • 3FT: Length 1900mm, Width 900mm, Depth 140mm.

  • 4FT: Length 1900mm, Width 1200mm, Depth 140mm.

  • 4FT6: Length 1900mm, Width 1350mm, Depth 140mm.

  • 5FT: Length 2000mm, Width 1500mm, Depth 140mm.

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